5 Keys to Effective Studying for Your Math Class

Hello KOG Blog Readers,

I’m so glad that you’ve stopped by to read this article I have written as a guest for The Happy Arkansan blog.

It's more like an ultimate guide because I go waaay into depth about some math note-taking and study strategies I have learned through my journey of becoming a math educator. I’ve also created the KOG Math Notes-to-Study Binder Sheets that you can download when you get there.

Here are a few topics I discuss in this ultimate guide that I'm sure will improve the way you take notes and study math from now on:

  • How to prepare your brain and mindset to learn math.

  • The importance of creating math-firmations for yourself and the best places to keep them.

  • How to reach out to others for math help when you are stuck or see yourself going downhill (before the end of the semester).

  • How to make your notes always look like you went to class each day of the semester (even if you didn't).

  • Where to find hidden life-savers in your math text, syllabus and more.

  • How to remember every vocabulary word you learn in math class.

Not exactly all about studying for math, but all are absolutely ESSENTIAL for studying math... if you get my drift.  

Head on over to the article to read more about these 5 keys to math studying success.  Also leave a comment letting us know what study strategies stand out to you the most.  I love to hear what you all think about your own math education and the role you can play in customizing it to suite your needs best.

Hope It's Helpful,
Latreil Jackson
Math Coach