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I am currently tutoring:

  1. Pre-Algebra

  2. Algebra 1 

  3. Algebra 2

  4. Geometry

I have helped several students improve their math grade and boost their confidence in math.  See me as soon as you start struggling so we can solve your problems early! 


from students and Parents

Stephanie J.
My experience with Knowledge Over Grades was wonderful. My daughter was tutored two days a week during the school year. Her confidence improved as well as her grades from an "F" to a "C" by the end of the school year. Her tutor was very patient and taught her in a way she could comprehend to the point she now enjoys math.

I would recommend it if you are struggling with math. Knowledge Over Grades can help you improve your grades tremendously.

Bernard G.

Miss Latriel is the best! All she cares about is you getting better in Math! She tutors my little sister right now and there has been great improvement in her math skills, which my family is very excited about. Thank You Latriel! Thank You,KOG! Keep up the good work.

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Trinadad R.

Latreil is a one of a kind of a tutor! Not only is she patient, but also tries her best to understand each student’s thinking process.

Marcella A.

Algebra is a subject that I always struggled with, until I met someone who took the time and patience in teaching me. That person is Latreil. Doing Algebra with Latreil was fun and yet challenging. Sometimes she had to review the same problems with me until it made sense. It helped me tremendously when she used different teaching methods such as illustrations and real life scenarios. She also and made herself available by allowing me to call her with questions I had on my homework. Latreil had confidence in me which encouraged me to not give up. With the help of Latreil and others I managed to pass my college Algebra course, which in turn now allows me to help others who struggle with Algebra.