Which one of these are your exact thoughts?

“I’m REALLY behind in my math skills and need help catching up for the GED test.”

“I can’t find a program anywhere that fits my needs, let along is helping me pass the GED.”

“Math is one of my worst subjects and just thinking about studying overwhelms me.”

“I’m just ready to get this over with and move on with my life!”

If you identify with any one of these feelings, then you’re in the right place


I’ve got something Special for you:

  • 8 weekly Ninety (90) minute LIVE STREAMED interactive math lessons

  • All lessons are tailored and specified for GED success

  • Small sized classes where all are seen, heard, supported and there to cheer each other on.

  • Multiple versions of each lesson, along with practice exercises and quizzes

    • live streamed videos

    • recorded versions of the videos

    • written summaries of the lessons

    • extra study material

  • … and a few more surprises!

  • All starting January 7th, 2019 at 7pm!

Now is your time to pass this educational barrier and expand your career opportunities!

Pick your payment method and I’ll see you on January 7th!