Does Algebra Confuse You Too?

Wish there was an online community just for struggling math students like you?

I can probably guess why you’re here…

If you’ve made your way to this page then you probably have said one of the following phrases in the passed week:

“This math homework is NOT like what we did in class!”

“My teacher/professor goes too fast.”

“Nope, math just isn’t for me.”

“I just need to pass this test for my promotion, BUT I NEED HELP.”

“Math is like a foreign language to me. I have NO IDEA what my professor is talking about.”

“I just DON’T GET IT!”

“Can someone show me how to do (insert impossible Algebra concept here).”

“I wish I had a Study Buddy…. anyone?”

After reading a sentence in your math textbook 3 times… “What does this MEAN?!”

Get in now before the price increases August 27th!

You’re more than likely lost in the sauce of “numbers and variables” and can’t find your way back to civilization.

confused woman brain drawings.jpg
  • You may have just spent 2 hours on math homework and barely got anything done, let alone understood what you were looking at.

  • The answers in the back of the book are never what you get.

  • Youtube’s countless math videos just has you wasting time (… and wondering off to watch videos from your favorite vloggers).

TRUST ME I’ve experienced it all, and more. PLUS years of working with my math students has shown me over and over again exactly what you’re struggling with.

You may not even realize it yourself.

… Which is why I know you need this.

“Need what?” You may be asking. The KOG Math Success Academy.

“Um, are you trying to give me more math classes….?”

Not at all.

The KOG Success Academy is a place where you can feel like you’re being HEARD, really being HELPED and actually UNDERSTANDING what’s going on in Algebra class. You’ll also have the opportunity to make Math Friends with students around the world who are dealing with the same math issues.

Why Should I join?

  1. Heal from your math trauma and be motivated to approach your math tasks with a positive mindset.

  2. Finally connect with other math students and coaches who get your struggle.

  3. Voice your struggles and contribute your opinion about how you like to be taught.

  4. Be reminded of math skills from elementary school you STILL NEED TO USE for your current Algebra problems.

  5. Learn to study math better, more efficiently and according to your learning style.

  6. Learn how to better organize your notes, supplies, and schedule.

You don’t want to miss this awesome deal to improve your readiness for Algebra!

Stop feeling alone in your math education.

No one knows how bad you’re struggling in math class more than you do. It’s not always the math concepts, sometimes its your confidence and MATH ESTEEM. Join the KOG Math Success Academy and get everything you need to boost your confidence and OWN YOUR MATH.

You will get:

  1. An online community forum

    1. Interact with other members

    2. Add to the discussions on various topics around math class issues

    3. On a non-social media platform that doesn’t allow for distractions from friends and family

  2. Live Online Sessions

    1. Q&As on Algebra topics

    2. Algebra Review Sessions

    3. Motivational Talks

    4. Tips on succeeding in math class

    5. Expert Guests on various topics

  3. Mini-Courses on current and pre-requisite topics, including

    1. Video Tutorials

    2. Text versions of the lessons

    3. Quizzes

  4. Resource Room

    1. Study Guides

    2. Replays of all Live Session videos

    3. Technology, Apps and Supplies suggestions to make studying easier

    4. Tools and helpful articles

Already stocked with resources and tutorials to get you started! New course launching August 27th. Get in before the price increases!


Read what some who have worked with me say:

Doing Algebra with Latreil was fun and yet challenging.  Sometimes she had to review the same problems with me until it made sense.  It helped me tremendously when she used different teaching methods such as illustrations and real life scenarios. Latreil had confidence in me which encouraged me to not give up. - Marcella A.

Latreil is a one of a kind of a tutor! Not only is she patient, but also tries her best to understand each student’s thinking process. - Trinadad R.

Miss Latriel is the best! All she cares about is you getting better in Math! She tutors my little sister right now and there has been great improvement in her math skills, which my family is very excited about. Thank You Latriel! Thank You KOG! Keep up the good work. - Bernard G.

Who’s Latreil?


Hey I’m Latreil Jackson, a math coach with about 10 years of experience educating and mentoring math students of all ages.

After tutoring for so long I began to see a trend… most of my students were getting stuck on the same stuff, the little things. These were simple math skills were sabotaging their Math Esteem and keeping them from attacking the bigger math problems.

Let’s address these issues together as a community in the KOG Math Success Academy.

See you inside before August 27th!

Latreil Jackson

Disclaimer: Knowledge Over Grades nor KOG Math Success Academy guarantees a specific grade or success rate for any student. Each student must be willing to work for their desired score.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Once you sign up there are no refunds. However, if you decide that you are no longer interested in being a member of the KOG Math Success Academy, you have the option to cancel at any time and your payments will stop.