Ask Me! (Answers to Your Algebra Questions)

Ask Me! Math Question Answering
Ask Me! Math Question Answering

Ask Me! (Answers to Your Algebra Questions)

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Are you studying math and need to ask a quick question? Your favorite math coach, Latreil Jackson, is here to help!

Submit your Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 or Trigonometry question in the form provided right before you purchase and in up to 48 hours I'll send you:

  1. A detailed step-by-step video explanation of an EXAMPLE of that problem.

  2. The same explanation of the example in a downloadable file.

  3. A few study tips for this topic (ie. formulas, identities and rules to remember, and/or non-examples)

***Please DO THE RIGHT THING and do not cheat and send me questions that are on any of your tests***

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