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The Teacher's Guide to an Easier Life

Can you relate?

  • Always tired

  • Working late and taking work home

  • Barely able to teach because students are unruly

  • Negative coworkers bringing you down even further

What You Will Get with this Ebook:

  • Self-Reflective questions to analyze and improve your current procedures

  • Positive Affirmations to perk you up each day

  • Actionable steps towards improvements you can see tomorrow!

The Teacher's Guide to an Easier Life

As an math educator with experience in traditional education, summer education and supplementary tutoring education, Latreil Jackson has learned the importance of self-care and organization for teachers. This ebook will teach you practical ways to evaluate your current teacher practices and replace them with a better environment, a better you and ultimately better classroom management. You will be guided through some self-reflecting questions and will learn to use affirmations to keep your spirit positive, inspired and resilient.