KOG Math Tutoring Job Application

Join Latreil Jackson in growing the KOG Math Coaching Team at Knowledge Over Grades, LLC! Contribute to an active and effective learning brand and environment and learn how to improve your own teaching strategies.

This position is Part-Time and as needed. I will contact you when students inquire about tutoring for your area of expertise. I do expect an increase in inquiries during the months of April through to the summer.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Coach students in one-on-one sessions, in-person or online, to help build their math skills.

  2. Carefully identify and document students’ area of struggle and teach from where they are in small digestible steps.

  3. Build a positive rapport with students as a mentor encouraging them to keep progressing to their highest potential.

  4. Respectfully and enthusiastically coordinate and report to parents about student’s progress.

  5. Professionally correspond with students’ math teachers, if applicable, to support and keep up with assignments and curriculum.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. You must have a deep understanding of your math tutoring topic of choice.

  2. You must have reliable transportation to and from your tutoring sessions.

  3. You must have a high school or GED diploma.  An Associates or Bachelors degree in math education is preferred.

  4. You must have a strong American English accent.

  5. You may also provide proof of experience in teaching math as a home-school instructor, institution tutor, private school teacher, etc.

  6. For online tutoring, you will need a computer, a digital writing pad, and software that will allow you to see and hear your student.

Typical Tutoring Hours:

— As needed, I will contact you when students inquire about tutoring for your area of expertise.

— Weekday Evenings (4pm - 8pm)

— Saturdays and Sundays (hours vary)

Tutors Needed For:

  1. Elementary Math

  2. Pre-Algebra

  3. Algebra I&II

  4. Geometry

  5. Trigonometry

  6. Pre-Calculus

  7. Calculus

  8. Statistics

  9. Standardized Math Test Prep

Pay: $17 - $28 per hour, your pay will be determined based on your level of experience

Start Date: immediately